Art in Truth or Consequences, Hillsboro, Chloride and All of Sierra County

Sierra County is home to an extraordinary and eccentric group of artists. Traditional arts and crafts flourish alongside cutting-edge contemporary art, creating a lively creative environment.

Works by local painter Delmas Howe are on view at the Geronimo Springs Museum, as well as at Rio Bravo Fine Art Gallery, the largest venue in the county, which was founded by contemporary artist Harold Joe Waldrum (1934-2003). Howe’s colorful flower murals also adorn the exterior of the Truth or Consequences Civic Center.

ArtHopButtonOther artists make and show their work in studios and galleries around the county, and local art is the primary focus of  Truth or Consequences‘ Second Saturday Art Hop, held monthly in the downtown’s easily walkable Hot Springs Bathhouse Historic and Commercial District.

Truth or Consequences is also home to a growing number of outdoor murals; you’ll find them painted on bath houses, shops, homes, and even vacant buildings located in increasingly colorful alleyways.

“New Mexico Fiber Arts Trails: A Guide to Rural Fiber Arts Destinations,” published by New Mexico Arts in ’07, recommends several local sites for fiber art. See the New Mexico Fiber Arts Trail website for more info, or read an article on the trail that was published in Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot Magazine.


Several craft fairs occur annually, and work by artists of every variety, and from all age groups, is shown at the Sierra County Fair every October.

Artists’ and artisans’ handiwork is offered every December at various holiday events, most notably Hillsboro’s Christmas in the Foothills, with its legendary $49.99 Sale, an event that provides visitors an opportunity to acquire original artworks for less—sometimes far less—than market value.

Local book signings, book fairs, and poetry readings show off the talents of local writers. Workshops in straw bale construction and other natural building methods are offered as well, usually in Kingston.

Painting, drawing, and sculpture classes are offered from time to time at galleries and studios in Hillsboro and Truth or Consequences. For more information on upcoming or current exhibits, art instruction courses, craft fairs, book signings, and more, see

Information on many of Sierra County’s artists can be found on the Sierra County Arts Council website.


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Artist Studio

Barbara Massengill Gallery
#12 Hwy 152 Hillsboro NM 88042

Birch Street Studio
Contact Tony Otero
510 Birch Street Truth or Consequences NM
87901 575-740-9067

Fernando Mercado Studio
406 Broadway Truth or Consequences NM 87901

Grasshopper Silk Studio
509 Bass Road Elephant Butte NM 87935

Hyde HomeBase Labs
417 N. Broadway Truth or Consequences NM 87901

Pharrest Galleries
405 Calle del Norte Road Monticello NM

Seba Gallery
324 Broadway Street Truth or Consequences NM 87901

Starwalker Gems
Contact Jackie Harvey
400 N. Date St Truth or Consequences NM 87901

Tom Hamil Studio
1310 S. Broadway Truth or Consequences NM 87901

Truth or Dare Art Gallery @ Starwalker Gems
Contact William Harvey
400 N. Date St Truth or Consequences NM 87901

Winkler & Nolan Studios
10818 Highway 152 Hillsboro NM
88042 575-895-5360