huntingLooking around the cities of Sierra County, you would be hard pressed to guess at one of the largest seasonal ‘attractions’ of the area. Come Fall, hunters from all over the US and beyond vye for the right to hunt the wide variety of game that is available.

The big prizes of course are the Elk, and the Bighorn Sheep, and only a couple of hundred permits a year are issued here that allow the priviledge of  hunting Elk in the mountains of the Black Range. The Desert Bighorn Sheep can be found in the mountains, in particular the Caballos Mountains, and the number of permits issued is usually only in the single digits.

Deer, Javelina and Oryx permits are more available, (circa. 2,000, 800, and 400 permits respectively), as well as Ibex and Antelope. For the more courageous, Bear and Cougar hunting is also allowed in Sierra County.

A variety of bird hunting can also be enjoyed here, such as Quail, Doves, Ducks, and that favorite for Thanksgiving, the Turkey.

Outfitters, Hunting and Trail Guides

hunting1Note: The list that follows may not be complete. For more information on local Fishing Guides, Hunting Guides, and Outfitters, see the websites of our two local Chambers of Commerce: Elephant Butte and T or C / Sierra County.
Beaverhead Outfitters

Limestone Outfitters
(575) 722-5768

Black Range Guide and Outfitters

Mike Root Guide Service
(575) 743-2026

Turner Ranch Outfitting
(575) 740-1161