Mountain and Road Biking in Sierra County

mountainbikingRoads and trails are ridable year-round in Sierra County.

Mountain bikers can try their luck just about anywhere there’s open terrain, as long as it’s not designated Wilderness Area.

Popular routes for road cyclists include a loop in Elephant Butte that’s used during the Elephant Man Triathlon, and the ride from Truth or Consequences to Engle (approx. 35 miles).

Routes from Hillsboro (on the edge of the Black Range) include the 152 up the mountain to Emory Pass in the Gila Wilderness, or the road south from Hillsboro through the Chihuahua grasslands to Lake Valley (or even on to Nutt in Doña Ana County).

triathlon-biker2If you’re looking for a leisurely bike path in T or C, Riverside Drive is reasonably smooth (barring chip seal treatments, etc.) and not too busy, but does not have bike lanes so watch for cars!


Whitewater Weekends
mountain bikes in various sizes for kids and adults

Truth Bicycle Co.
419 Broadway, Truth or Consequences



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