Caballo Photo Tour

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The entrance to the park is right along NM 187, and easy to spot.  This is the main gate and leads to the main boat ramp and camping areas (see map).
  Photo 2

As you enter the main gate you will pass by the rangers station and the well kept camping facilities such as Appaloosa campsite, the one pictured here. (64514 bytes) (71956 bytes) Photo 3

Not far from one of the campsites, one can hike a short distance and see beautiful vistas overlooking sandy bluffs.  The hiking is easy for all members of the family.
  Photo 4

As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to find yourself an out of the way place to enjoy the wonders of mother nature. (50153 bytes) (73787 bytes) Photo 5
The next 6 photos are a series taken from the top of a small bluff at a campsite overlooking the boat launch area.  Panning from right to left, you can see the majestic Caballo mountain range.
  Photo 6

The area here, is just to the right of the boat launch, with picnic tables and a sandy beach area.  There is even some shade to keep you cool. (68028 bytes) (64451 bytes) Photo 7

Pictured here, is the main boat launch.  As you can see, the launch provides plenty of room to maneuver and the docks are close by to the parking area.
  Photo 8

The Caballo mountains gradually decrease in altitude as they head north toward Truth or Consequences, and then shoot back up just to the east of town. (67522 bytes) (58066 bytes) Photo 9

There is plenty of parking from your rig and trailer and it is a short distance to the docks.  The lake continues north from this point to the area called the flats, where the Rio Grande river enters.
  Photo 10

Out in the distance you can see some of the more remote camping sites available at Caballo Lake State Park.  One of the small inlets, like the one pictured here makes it easy for the family to fish. (68089 bytes) (49039 bytes) Photo 11

These 2 photos were taken down on the level of the boat launch, next to the lake.  You can see the dam at the end of the lake, the area we will go to next.
  Photo 12

This photo will provide you with a closer look at the launch area.  Wouldn’t you like to be the ones in those boats out there?
cab_lake14_1.jpg (81652 bytes) (67971 bytes) Photo 13

As we leave the main park area and head south a short distance to the dam site, we pass by the ranger station.  Here you will find lots of information and any assistance you may need.
  Photo 14

The next 4 photos were taken at the dam site area, panning from right to left.  The water at this end will be much deeper, and could produce some nice fish if your luck is good. (78594 bytes) (68828 bytes) Photo 15

Some of the rocky bluffs that shoot out into the water are great spots to try your luck.  One of the great things about Caballo Lake is the more isolated conditions for boating and fishing.
  Photo 16

Being about 11 miles long, the lake stretches far out to the north.  The blue New Mexico sky, and distant mountains make for views that one only dreams about. (36077 bytes) (71554 bytes) Photo 17

A little farther down the dam site, on our way to the riverside campgrounds down below the dam, you can see the buoy line in front of the dam.  It is easy access to the shore for those who like that relaxed type of fishing.
  Photo 18

Looking south, to the spillway below the dam, you will see the Rio Grande thundering on it’s way to southern New Mexico and beyond.  For centuries, the Rio Grande has been the lifeblood of the entire region. (64477 bytes) (48888 bytes) Photo 19

In this photo you can see the riverside campsite on the right, with all the trees and cutback area of the river, another great spot to fish with the family.
  Photo 20

The campsite even has a clean, safe, well equipped playground for the younger ones in your group.  There are also hoops for the slightly older group members. (57451 bytes) (76771 bytes) Photo 21

This camper has found his spot, right along the banks of the Rio Grande.  With tables and fire pits, camping can be safe, comfortable and quite relaxing.  A great way to spend quality time with the family.
  Photo 22

The shore along the river in the campsite is easy to get to and the river conditions here make fishing a breeze.  To the east of the campgrounds are great mountain views, and early in the morning, or late in the evening, don’t be surprised to find some deer or other animals coming to visit. (68248 bytes) (75400 bytes) Photo 23

The Caballo Lake Riverside Campsite is the only campsite in the state of New Mexico set up for RV
Round-ups.  Clean, well equipped facilities, with room for lots of RV’s.
  Photo 24

As you can see, the facilities at this campsite are well maintained and waiting for your arrival.  For all the details, read the information posted on the main page or contact the park (info/bottom of page). (73399 bytes)