Elephant Butte Photo Tour

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Starting at the southern end of the lake, at the Damsite Marina, you can see the variety of boats that call Elephant Butte Lake home. 

  Photo 2

Panning right you will notice the facilities at the Damsite Marina are well equipped.  This area of the lake is somewhat protected from heavy weather.

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http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/dmsite_03_2.jpg (42909 bytes) Photo 3

In the distance, the lake’s namesake looms proudly out of the water.  In this photo and the next, the light was just right to show why the lake was named Elephant Butte.

  Photo 4

The waters past the Butte open up into the main area of Elephant Butte Lake.  Just to the left in this photo would be the dam.

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http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/dmsite_05_2.jpg (47059 bytes) Photo 5
Leaving the Damsite Marina area and heading slightly north, towards the dam, small coves like this one are found all around the lake.  These areas can be great for producing fish.
  Photo 6

At an area just above the dam you can get a different perspective of Elephant Butte.  To get an idea of it’s size, notice the boat just to the left side of the Butte, at water level.

http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/ebutte_01_1.jpg (52337 bytes)
http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/ebutte_02_1.jpg (51961 bytes) Photo 7Photos 7 & 8 are shots panning left, where the lake opens into the main body of water.  Areas here can reach 120′ in depth with numerous inlet coves to explore.   Photo 8

In this photo, the enormous size of the lake can be realized.  The mountain peaks to the left are not yet the end of the lake.

http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/ebutte_03_1.jpg (60368 bytes)
http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/ebutte_04_1.jpg (57216 bytes) Photo 9

The shoreline on the north side of the dam provides some nice areas for hiking and site seeing.  Some of the coves and inlets may be a good place to fish from shore.

  Photo 10

Here you can see the dam barrier.  No access is permitted past this point.  

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http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/dam_01_1.jpg (72627 bytes) Photo 11
Just west of the dam, you can see Elephant Butte looming in the distance, with the Rio Grande river in the foreground.  A short distance downstream is the Paseo Del RioCampground.
  Photo 12

Continuing northward on the west shoreline of Elephant Butte Lake you will come to the area know as the "Dirt Dam".  

http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/dirtdm_01_1.jpg (54291 bytes)
http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/drtdam-02o.jpg (59727 bytes) Photo 13
Although the lake is at a lower level this year, large inlet coves like this are great spots to fish, water ski, or enjoy the sandy beach areas.
  Photo 14

The opposite shore in this picture could be a good spot for fishing.  These type areas are the ideal place to visit if the wind and weather picks up.

http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/drtdam-03o.jpg (56639 bytes)
http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/dirtdm_05_1.jpg (50809 bytes) Photo 15

As the cove opens up into open water, you will notice other land features like Horse Island, and Rattlesnake Island.

  Photo 16

The beautiful mountain scenery along the east shore of Elephant Butte Lake is a pleasure no matter what area of the lake you prefer.

http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/dirtdm_06_1.jpg (53814 bytes)
http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/marsol_up01_1.jpg (72854 bytes) Photo 17

A short distance north of the "Dirt Dam" area, there is an overlook that can provide some breathtaking scenery. Straight ahead in this photo is Horse Island.

  Photo 18

Panning left, Marina Del Sur comes into view.  Also providing fine facilities, this marina is just south of the main entrance to Elephant Butte Lake State Park.

http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/marsol_up02_1.jpg (65801 bytes)
http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/marsol_up03_1.jpg (52314 bytes) Photo 19

Continuing left you can see Rattlesnake Island and the high mountains in the distance.  

  Photo 20

The south end of the main park entrance is pictured here.  As you can see, sailing is very popular on Elephant Butte Lake.

http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/marsol_up04_1.jpg (59029 bytes)
http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/marsol_dwn04_1.jpg (57395 bytes) Photo 21
A few closer shots of Marina Del Sur show the main marina area.  Here you can get all types of supplies to make your outing very enjoyable.
  Photo 22

Panning to the right shows the size of the marina and the variety of craft that use Elephant Butte Lake as their recreational haven.

http://recreation-and-adventure.torcchamber.org/fromroot/marsol_dwn03_1.jpg (62020 bytes)
Photo 23

Houseboating is very popular on the lake.  One can always find an area to "call your own" for a trip to remember.

  Photo 24
Pictured here is the main entrance to Elephant Butte Lake State Park.  Wide, double lane entrances make park access quick and easy, even at busy times.
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