New Mexico State Parks

Sierra County is Host to some of New Mexico’s most Popular State Parks

With Elephant Butte Lake State Park, the undisputed Flagship of the New Mexico State Parks System, and Caballo Lake State Park, the only Park with Facilities to Host RV Round-ups, Sierra County is the place to Experience all that New Mexico’s State Parks can offer to Visitors, Campers and RV Enthusiasts

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Elephant Butte Elephant Butte Lake State Park
For More Information Contact:
Elephant Butte Lake State Park
P.O. Box 13
Elephant Butte, NM 87935
575 744-5421 / 575 744-4139 (fax)
Elephant Butte Lake
Caballo Lake and Mountain Caballo Lake State Park
For More Information Contact:
Caballo Lake State Park
P.O. Box 32
Caballo, NM 87931
575 743-3942 / 575 743-0031 (fax)
Caballo Lake and Mountain
Rio Grande below Elephant Butte Dam

The Rio Grande
One of the mighty rivers of the West, the Rio Grande, flows north to south through Sierra County on its way to the Gulf of Mexico. It provides recreational pleasure and life sustaining water to the agricultural industry clustered along its banks.

Rio Grande and Turtleback Mountain

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