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Truth or Consequences Hot Mineral Springs

Because of the hot mineral springs which issued from the ground, the site of the present Truth or Consequences was considered “neutral grounds” by the Southwestern Indians long before white settlement of the area.  Here they gathered without conflict for the inter-tribal exchange and to bathe their wounds and other ailments.  During the latter half of the 1800’s, two great ranches were established across the southern part of the area now covered by Sierra County.  Cowboys from one of these ranches, the John Cross Ranch, built the first adobe bath house over Geronimo Spring.

The first homestead entry in what is known as Truth or Consequences was filed in 1910.  With the beginning of the construction of Elephant Butte Dam in 1911, the settlement of Palomas Hot Springs (now Truth or Consequences) began to grow.  It was incorporated as a town in 1916, the year of the completion of the Dam.  It developed as a health resort and trading left for nearby mining, farming, and stock raising areas.  It was made the county seat in 1936.

Photos and Text: Courtesy of LaRena Miller, “A Visitors Guide to the Geronimo Trail”

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The earliest known photo of people enjoying the health benefits of our Hot Mineral Springs.  Thought to be from the 1860’s or 70’s, the photo shows that the therapeutic benefits of the Hot Springs have been long known. Hotsprings

Blackstone Hotsprings

Our lodging guests enjoy newly remodeled luxury accommodations, with a custom tub for unlimited private soaking in each lodging room. (58465 bytes)Photo 2

This old structure, one of the first to be built in what is now downtown Truth or Consequences, was a bathhouse believed to be built by the John Cross Cattle Co. for use by its cowboys. A date burned into the ceiling with a branding iron read 1882. Motel and Spa

Charles Motel and Spa

Characteristic 1940s style budget apartments, motel and hot springs spa. Spa services include hot mineral baths, outdoor hot springs jacuzzis, sweat wraps, a variety of massage therapies, and reflexology. (62593 bytes)Photo 3

One of the first bath houses and hotels built in Hot Springs, located somewhere in what is now the Main Street area of present day Truth or Consequences. Water LodgeHot Springs Spa

Fire Water Lodge Hot Springs Spa

We offer geothermal hot mineral water tubs in our rooms. (53386 bytes)Photo 4

From the early 1900’s, the Hot Mineral Springs baths and Hotels started developing into popular and permanent businesses. Paloma Hot Springs & Spa

La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa

Generous soaking time in private pools is included with an overnight stay. (38621 bytes)Photo 5

The Cottage Hotel 1912, was operated by Mrs. William Graham.  This was the first hotel built in Palomas Springs. Spa

Pelican Spa

Located in the heart of the historic hot springs district with just a short walk to shopping and restaurants. (55523 bytes)Photo 6

Circa 1930, the building in the left of the photo is the Old State Bathhouse.

This bathhouse is what developed from the original structure in photo 2. Hot Springs

Riverbend Hot Springs

Riverside public and private pools with spectacular views of Turtleback Mountain and the Rio Grande. (32424 bytes)Photo 7

By the 1940’s the building were becoming larger and much more popular as word of the Hot Mineral Springs therapeutic benefits spread World Wide. Grande Lodge & Spa

Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa

Delightful accommodations in a luxurious atmosphere. Each room is infused with rustic charm and timeless elegance, with a unique décor, reflective of this diverse region. (42253 bytes)Photo 8

Believed to be from the 1950’s or 60’s this post card is evidence of how these modern bathhouses and hotels reflected the styles of the times.  This post card is from the Charles Motel & Spa.


Hoosier Hot Mineral Springs

TELEPHONE: (575) 740-6096 / Reservations accepted


SUMMER HOURS: 4PM-10PM (please make appt for earlier times)

WINTER HOURS: 1PM-10PM (please make appt for earlier times)

TUBS: 4 Private tubs, 1 indoors and 3 outdoors. Showers are provided for each tub.

It is Highly Recommended you visit one of the Hot Springs Lodges & Spas located in Truth or Consequences when you visit our area.

You will then understand the popularity of the Hot Mineral Springs hat has endured for hundreds of years. Still reflecting the styles of the times, the present day hot mineral springs lodges and spas in Truth or Consequences offer one thing that will never go out of style: Healthy, Therapeutic Hot Mineral Springs baths and warm, friendly hospitality.
Map – courtesy of Sierra County Recreation and Tourism

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